More Features

Web-based ticket & pass sales

  • Mobile & desktop schedule web app with multiple views, advanced search and filter functionality, and inline ticket sales & reservations
  • Native support for passes — allow customers to buy passes with configurable rules that they can use to order tickets at free or reduced prices
  • Complete schedule and ordering integration — customers order from within their personalized festival schedule
  • Colorful, taggable schedule formats ranging from grid to timeline — easy to sort by genre, venue, title, filmmaker
  • One-click ordering functionality available
  • Embed a fully functional schedule & ticket sales portal directly in your website
  • Ability to set a custom domain (for example,

Online film guide

  • Beautiful listing of all of the films at your festival — with screening information and one-click ordering automatically linked to your schedule
  • Include film posters, cover art, trailers, descriptions, credits, and customizable detail fields to match your festival
  • Make non-mobile-friendly digital PDF programs a thing of the past

Empower your customers

  • Simple Facebook login or email-based account creation
  • Customers enter payment details once for easy, frictionless purchasing, across all your events
  • Personalized mobile & desktop interface with schedule, tickets, pass management
  • Easy pass transfers, ticket cancellation (configure cutoffs on a per-pass basis — for example, only allow cancellation up to 24 hours before the show)
  • For passholders: At the door, just scan a customer’s pass & instantly charge their account’s saved card for fast transactions
  • Collect detailed information from attendees through unlimited configurable fields, then use this information on their printed passes, generate reports, and more — all information at last stored in one place

Fully customizable

  • Use the Eventive Configurator to customize the look and feel of your event website, emails, branding, and more
  • Edit every part of your site, from text to color scheme — see changes reflected live

Admin interface

  • Managing your festival should be just as enjoyable as your customers’ experiences: responsive, full-featured administrative interface
  • Manage your organization: invite an unlimited number of users to administer your events, with configurable permission levels (ranging from complete admin to box office manager to event programmer)
  • Global instant search functionality to quickly look up customer, pass, and ticket records — spend less time searching and more time interacting with your customers
  • One-click access to key functionality: edit customer records, print passes, refund orders, export reports, and so much more
  • Create powerful discounts for pass & ticket sales, including generating multicode discounts for easily issuing bulk discounts (e.g. send a unique, traceable code to each customer)

Deep, powerful analytics

  • Track your customers’ relationships with your organization from beginning to end, through time, and across multiple events
  • Monitor pass & ticket sales at a glance, or drill down into specific sales

Box office

  • Sell tickets & passes at the door
  • Accept credit cards and cash; support for USB credit card readers
  • Collect customer information, email/print receipts
  • Print purchased tickets & passes on-demand
  • Advanced pass label printer that allows you to fully customize & print labels for passes — any size, any format, with any additional text/information you desire, automatically integrated with customer records
  • All sales tracked and reconciled, inventory synced with web sales

Reserved seating

  • Design venue seatmaps & sell reserved seats directly on Eventive, at no extra cost
  • Offer any mixture of reserved & GA seating to your events, and customize pricing & tiers on a per-event basis
  • Seat inventory instantly kept in sync across your customer-facing site, box office, and admin dashboard

At the door

  • Dedicated Eventive Scanners available for rent — sleek iPod touches with integrated laser barcode scanners & credit card readers for rapid scanning plus at-the-door rush line ticket sales via credit card
  • iOS app also available for installation on your own devices (scan tickets using camera instead of laser)

Perfect for your year-round events, too

  • Eventive is great for festivals, but it is also designed for your year-round events
  • Sell and track memberships / recurring passes, and collect all the information you need from members
  • Keep in touch with your customer base year-round through targeted messaging
  • Accept & track donations directly through your event site

Best-in-class support

  • Our team is available to help import your pre-existing information into Eventive
  • Every Eventive customer receives dedicated live chat & email support
  • On-site concierge service available — we can come to your event and manage complete technical infrastructure, all the way from setup to teardown, for your festival