Eventive Launches Advanced Antipiracy Technology for Virtual Cinema

Maximum security for every film

Designed to stay ahead of ever-increasing piracy threats, Eventive Advanced Antipiracy is the most rigorous and affordable content security program for film streaming ever deployed.

The pirates are getting smarter. So artists need smarter tools to protect their work.

Invisible forensic watermarking at no additional cost

Now, in addition to conventional DRM measures, every virtual screening on Eventive VOD will be secured with a NAGRA NexGuard invisible forensic watermark, identifying each individual user and session. Meaning any unauthorized use can be traced right back to the source. And a pre-roll piracy warning will alert users that their unique stream can be tracked.

Multi-platform Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology

All films are secured with complete multi-platform DRM (Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay) to prevent unauthorized screen recording and downloads.

With Eventive, you can encrypt your livestreams with real-time DRM, using the same studio-grade DRM available for on-demand content. Our platform is widely trusted – even preferred – for real-time premieres and special screenings.

For screenings that require a higher level of protection, we offer the following optional measures:

  • Block software-level DRM – Require users to view content only on native browser or proprietary TV apps.
  • Require Two Factor Authentication – Require users to be authenticated via SMS or phone call in order to access their screening.

Enhanced audience access security options

Expanded admin security

For access control to your back office account dashboard (beyond the username/password combination), you may now enable optional single sign-on with Active Directory / LDAP, ADFS, Azure Active Directory Native, Google G Suite, OpenID Connect, PingFederate, SAML, or Azure Active Directory.

Visible overlay watermarking is available by request for a single screening or all your screenings – at no additional cost. Session specific and user specific burn-in watermarking are also available.

Additional watermarking options

Are you ready for the next level of screening security?