Security on Eventive

Industry-leading protection.

We deploy the most advanced security solutions available, both to protect films and media as well as to secure customer data. Trusted by leading distributors and studios including A24, Sony Pictures Classics, Starz, Showtime, National Geographic, and many more.
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The most secure video on-demand and livestreaming platform.

MPAA-certified, studio-trusted, battle-tested security that your content deserves.

  • Multi-platform digital rights management (DRM) technology

    Secure films with complete multi-platform DRM (Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay) to prevent unauthorized screen recording and downloads.

  • Livestreaming with real-time DRM

    Encrypt your livestreams with real-time DRM using the same studio-grade DRM available for on-demand content. Trust Eventive for real-time premieres and more.

  • Forensic and visible watermarking

    For pre-release and screener content, enable full per-session forensic watermarking. Deliver a unique video file to each viewer with invisible tracking marks to uniquely identify leaks. Embed user names, emails, IP addresses, and more directly on the video.

Enhanced security features that you control.

State-of-the-art, advanced features to stay at the forefront of content security.

  • Georestrictions set per-screening

    Choose territories to allow or exclude for each individual screening. Country, state and province level, or add custom territories as small as a single postal code.

  • Advanced VPN and proxy blocking

    Validate access and block spoofing to ensure only authenticated users can view your content.

  • Concurrent stream restrictions

    Automatically detect and disable concurrent streams and other forbidden behaviors.

Customer privacy and security.

We uphold the most stringent standards of consumer privacy and payment security. We never share customer data with third parties, and all our partners commit to upholding the Eventive privacy policy.

  • PCI compliance for the utmost payment security

    All customer card data is submitted securely to our payment processor, Stripe, using the most stringent, PCI Level 1 compliant security protocols.

  • GDPR and Privacy Shield certified

    Our privacy policy is fully GDPR compliant, and we are a member of the US/EU Privacy Shield Program, so you and your audience can be sure that your information is safe.